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Our law firm represents and counsels clients in the purchase and sale of residential and commercial real property.

In doing so, our office offers our clients in-house title insurance service which provides clients with all the benefits

of a title company plus the comfort of having our lawyers protecting their interests. Ancillary services, such as the review or drafting of purchase and sale contracts, business agreements, promissory notes and mortgages, and landlord/tenant leases are also provided. Our firm has represented a wide range of domestic and international clients for both residential and commercial real estate transactions. We offer our clients the personalized service often found lacking in larger firms and are particularly experienced in the high-end transactions that require such attention.



We recognize that the purchase and sale of a home will likely be the largest, most important financial transaction of your life. In order to ensure smooth and proper handling of a home purchase or sale, both the seller and the purchaser should consult an attorney familiar with local real estate laws and practices.

Our residential real estate attorneys will help you protect your rights by providing assistance regarding contract drafting and review, title examination and insurance, closing document preparation and post-closing issues. It is best to contact our offices prior to signing a contract, but even if you did not consult our attorneys during your initial negotiations, we can still help you complete the transaction and identify potential issues or problems.

Residential real estate transactions often require knowledge in the areas of land use law, contract law, tax law, and financing. Our attorneys understand these areas and work together to manage every aspect of your transaction. We will provide you with a pre-sale consultation, and we will discuss, in advance, the details of the transaction, closing costs and fees, and the services we will provide. We pride ourselves on thoroughly and expeditiously completing each residential property transaction.




Our law firm has successfully closed numerous commercial transactions throughout Florida, including purchases and sales of hotels, apartment complexes, assisted living facilities, vacant land, automobile service stations, shopping centers and office buildings. Our firm has handled real estate investment and leasing matters in the modest to multi-million-dollar range and corporate agreements and transactions related to real estate development and investment. The majority of our clients routinely return to our firm for representation in all their real estate matters. We understand that every commercial real estate transaction is unique and draft purchase agreements specifically tailored to each project’s requirements.



We represent numerous property associations. Our law firm has experience in Florida Condominium, Co-op, and Homeowners association law. We are available for contract review and preparation, document amendments and redrafting, and election assistance. Additional information is available upon request for our creative and effective approach to association representation.

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